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Video has long been one of the most effective tools in a company's marketing kit. Now, with the broadening of the Internet, video marketing for the Web is set to explode!

Social Media Marketing with Video

My presentation to business owners offers all the inside knowledge to creating your own in house marketing video. Some of the topics covered are:
  • The six crucial shots all videos must have
  • How to create images that touch the viewer's emotions
  • How to make your video look like you graduated from film school

How to Get in and Succeed in the Film Industry

Many of today's highschool media programs are providing students with digital cameras and creative software for editing video. But, to make your living in film, you need much more knowledge of the film and video production process. Learn how with this one-hour seminar.
  • The 26 unique jobs behind the camera
  • Why film is a lifestyle not a job
  • The training you need and where to get it

Professional Camcorder Techniques

Learn professional techniques to solve some of the most common camcorder problems ...
  • You have the good camcorder but you recognize that the footage you've taken sure doesn't look like the stuff you see on TV
  • You keep seeing the background go lighter and darker as you pan a scene
  • You notice the sound on some shots is much louder than other shots

How to Attract the Film Industry to Your Community

Ever wondered why do movie producers pick a certain town to shoot in? Would you like to follow in the footsteps of one small B.C. town that has generated millions into their local economy over the past few years by becoming 'film friendly.
  • The Secret to Getting Film Scouts to Your Town
  • How One Small Town lured Millions of Film Dollars into Their Local Economy
  • How to Identify Your Town’s Unique Qualities That Filmmakers Look For

Media/Art Teachers Film/Video Workshop

A one-day intensive workshop specifically designed to give art and media teachers an in-depth behind the scenes look at B.C.'s Motion Picture and video production Industry.
  • Morning power point presentation on these topics: Duties & jobs behind the camera, unions, guilds, lifestyle, pay, scales, working conditions and training opportunities.
  • Afternoon hands-on workshop session: demonstrations on lighting for video, how to shoot for ease of editing, and professional camera tricks.
  • Several successful videos will be shown highlighting some basic Hollywood special effects techniques.


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What is it about this seminar that you would recommend to others?
"Barry is an excellent orator and communicator. I personally found the seminar very interesting, and believe it should be made available to wider audiences"
-- Heather Overy, Executive Director, Invermere Chamber

"Barry Casson gave me my first job on a film set over 20 years ago and his influence and knowledge are still with me today. He has an easygoing way of sharing his knowledge with others, and he is a compelling and entertaining speaker. Book him today - you won't be disappointed."
--Tim Moshansky, Location Scout and Author, A to Z Guide to Film Terms

How did the seminar meet with your expectations?
"Very good, informative and accurate. A must for communities outside areas of film commissions"
-- Warner E Einer, former production manager

"Great - new ideas, how to etc., A great promotional idea for our Chamber of Commerce"
-- Patricia Kilback, Radium Hotsprings Lodge

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